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I have been in the financial services and mortgage origination industry since 1994.  That is important for my clients to know.  I am not someone that jumped in when times were good and jumped out when things were less than advantageous to be in this business.  I know how to place loans. I know how to get loans approved.  I know how not to waste your time.

Our Approach

Too many originators, whether they work for their own company or with a bank or lender, treat the mortgage process as transactional only.  I simply cannot do that.  I believe in a consultative approach that may result in us deciding a mortgage may not be the right financial solution in your situation.  We need to look at where you are now and where you want to be and how this major financial event effects your current budget, retirement plans, savings, tax implications, and life style.

Why Us?

I say " Why Us?" because this is all about you and me and your family.  It is also about how my team helps you have a smooth, low stress experience.  I am a 100% referral based business.  I would not want it any other way.  I work with people that know me, like me and trust me and my team to help you make this memorable and happy  financial experience.  I know that may sound like a strange word to use but I want this to be a happy event.  Whether it be purchasing a new home or refinancing, it should make you happy that we did this together and the outcome is as you want it to be.

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